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Sue has a super first day at Orgatec and sent this interesting concept regarding mobility

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Mobility is the focus of Orgatec 2014. Mobility is the philosophy that employees should be given the freedom to choose, not only the hours they work, but the environment they work in. Mobility renders the assigned (or territorial) workstation obsolete. Staff require two types of workspaces to maximize productivity - area's to communicate and collaborate, and area's to retreat to for focus and concentration. This is being referred to as activity-based workspace strategies.

These workspaces can take many forms (unscreened open plan bench desks, brainstorming rooms and lunch tables for teamwork and focus/silent rooms or working from home for tasks requiring uninterrupted flow and concentration), but all office areas are to become shared spaces to be used as required by whoever requires them for the task at hand. The most recent global office survey undertaken, reports that cellular offices are only occupied 30% of the time and are therefore economically unviable. Essentially they are being referred to as a thing of the past. Speaking of the past, the experts are saying that a decade ago, employees adapted their way of working to the office environment they were given.

This is no longer the case. To attract and retain talent, companies are now having to provide a work environment that can adapt to the needs and wants of the employees ie. the technology they use, the way they want to work (mobility!) and the balance between work and life. Office furniture is adapting to this by providing products that are flexible, durable and can interface with technology. Through mobility, the line between working and living is being blurred and a balance between the two is being found, ie. mobility = efficiency and wellness



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